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Most people like food, some people love food, I however am passionate about food. Not so much eating it, but preparing it and sharing it with others. I love the way food flavors and colors marry together into an exciting eating experience. I love to cook as if I am on a journey, delving into the untried and unknown only to find a new dish, both pleasing to the eye as well as the pallet. I have always been lucky with food, always seemed to find the right combination of ingredients, and never liked using a recipe. Repeats of dishes often differ slightly in taste and texture than they did the last time they were prepared, giving the palate a familiar flavor, but a new experience, a new romance....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Carnitas Americana

Who doesn't like Mexican food, I mean really, come on? But don't you get tired of making those same Mexican dishes all the time? I like to mix it up a bit, if you haven't already figured that out. Here I are my Carnitas. I put these together the other day with what I had laying around the house, I had no desire to go to the store. I started with three nice pieces of pork shoulder blade. I diced them up into pieces a bit larger than a sugar cube. I pan seared these tasty little buggers in some canola oil until done, then I drained off all the grease. I mixed up your standard dry seasonings used in for taco meat, chili powder etc; and mixed it in with about 2 cups of water, just enough to cover the meat in the pan. I added some finely diced green chili peppers and tomatoes as well. Most importantly, don't forget to toss a few shots of Tapatio hot sauce, enough to your liking. I let that bubble until it cooked down into a thicker sauce, almost as thick as glue, a bit thinner. Be careful here, it can start to burn on you pretty easily when the sauce begins to thicken.

In another pan I cooked 2 cups of white rice, only adding about 3 cups of water when it calls for four. I added half a can of corn (drained off) and some diced green chili peppers and tomatoes. as with the meat, add a few dashes of the Tapatio. Cover and let cook.

I pan fried some smaller sized flour tortillas in some oil and placed them in a taco rack. I like the rack for making up the tacos and serving them to my kids, makes it so much easier to make them up quick and easy with only two hands. I put the grated cheese on the bottom, add a spoonful of the meat and a nice thick slice of avocado. Drizzle these beauties with some Ranch salad dressing and serve with a spoonful of rice.

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  1. That PORK sauce sounds ah-maz-ing. I like how you let your food cook down into yummy sauces. I am making special note to try this sauce :)